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Free Printable Pollen Calendar

Published on Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Download your free calendar

Click on the image above to download your free pollen calendar in PDF format.

If you suffer from hay fever, your symptoms are likely to be worse when the pollen count is high. You may not know that as well as a general pollen season, there is also a peak period of release for each tree, grass or other plant that releases pollen.

Knowing when these peaks occur, might help you to plan and manage your hay fever. In addition, you may find that your symptoms are worse during the peak for particular trees or plants. Knowing which type of pollen affects you or the hay fever sufferers you know the most might help avoid those pollen types in future.

95% of those with hay fever are allergic to grass pollen, which peaks in June in the UK. But did you know that symptoms in July are more likely to be as a result of weeds, like nettles?

To help those suffering from hay fever, we've created a free printable pollen calendar that shows both the general pollen seasons for each tree or plant, in addition to the peak seasons for each. Simply click the image on the right to download your calendar (in PDF format) and then print it off!

While avoiding the countryside during peak pollen releases can help your symptoms, you might also be interested in preventing pollen entering your home with our range of pollen screens.

Please note: we'd love you to share the free calendar with friends, but please link to this page rather than to the PDF directly. Enjoy your free calendar!