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How to Treat Puffy Eyes from Hay Fever

Many Hay Fever sufferers experience puffy and sore eyes once the Hay fever season kicks in. Combining red, puffy and itchy eyes with a runny nose, a wheezy chest and a general feeling of being unwell can mean a pretty miserable summer for 1 in 4 UK citizens. find out how to reduce this here.

Many hay fever sufferers experience puffy and sore eyes once the hay fever season kicks in. As one of the most visible effects of an allergy to pollen, puffy eyes are the bane of many people’s summer as they can cause a reduction in vision and can be extremely uncomfortable. Combining red, puffy and itchy eyes with a runny nose, a wheezy chest and a general feeling of being unwell can mean a pretty miserable summer for 1 in 4 UK citizens.

Treating puffy eyes is relatively straightforward, but not all treatments will work for each person. First of all book an appointment with your doctor to make sure that your hay fever medication is up to date and as effective as it can be. You will also want to eliminate any other causes such as a lack of sleep, too much salt in your diet or high levels of stress which can all cause puffy eyes.

 If you would like to try some natural ways of treating puffy eyes alongside your medication, take a look below…

Drink more water:

I don’t want to sound like one of those healthy eating activists but one of the best ways to reduce puffy eyes is to drink more of the wet stuff. Drinking more water will keep your body hydrated and will ensure that your cells are functioning as they should, and therefore your body does not feel that it must conserve water. A happy and hydrated body means happy, bright and sparkling peepers! Also, you must make sure that you aren’t ingesting too much sodium (salt) which can cause puffy and sore eyes.

Cold tea bags:

Don’t bin that tea bag after your morning cuppa as the caffeine left in the bag is an excellent treatment for puffy and tired eyes. Tea bags work so well because caffeine is a natural diuretic which pulls moisture out of your system.  Make sure that you allow them to cool completely before applying them to your eyes as warm tea bags will increase circulation and will lead to an increase in swelling. Leave on your closed eyes for 10 minutes for maximum results.

Cucumber slices:

Cucumber slices are an excellent way of cooling and soothing the eye area. Cool a cucumber in the fridge for a while then slice very thinly. Thick slices will not lie over the eye contours properly. Keep each slice on the closed eye for a couple of minutes before replacing with new slices. Repeat for as long as necessary.

It’s all very well to try and ease your hay fever symptoms but what about trying to avoid the problem in the first place?

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