Sun Control

Three great options to protect your home and work environment from the effects of sunlight and UV

Strong sunlight can affect the home and working environment by heating rooms and buildings, creating glare and making everyday living conditions uncomfortable. Sun protection using blinds, screens or window film is a great way of moderating sunlight and controlling the temperature and light intensity in our living and working areas.

About Screens

All Screens are fitted with a UV filtering mesh to help reduce heat and glare from sunlight. We offer roller screens (similar to roller blinds but with side channels to ensure the mesh held securely in place) and framed screens which can be placed directly onto your window or door and easily removed when not required. Both options have the added advantage of keeping insects such as mosquitoes, wasps and bees out as well. 

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About Blinds

Blinds are an effective way to control heat and glare and some are more effective when fitted to the outside of a window. We offer internal and external sun control blinds in a variety of finishes for home and business use.

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About Window Film

We offer Solar and UV Control Window Films. Our Solar Control films help to control heat levels and deliver additional benefits such as glare reduction and protection against fading. Our UV Films cut out 99% of UV rays and help to reduce fading and the accompanying damage that can be caused to  furniture, fabrics, paintings etc. and, of course, the harmful effects on our skin.

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Free Screening Guide

Streme offer a wide range of window and door screens to suit Homes and Businesses. Our range includes Fly Screens, Pet Screens, Pollen Screens, Pollution Screens and Sun Control products. Screens are available as DIY Kits or Made to Measure and we offer a fitting service as well. We also stock every kind of insect mesh including Fibreglass, Aluminium and Stainless Steel and a selection of specialist mesh products including Pollen, Pollution, Sun Control & Stainless-Steel mesh.

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