Clean Air Screens

Protect yourself from pollution and pollen with our clever new Clean Air Screens

The development of new sophisticated technical mesh products means we can now offer screens to protect against the effects of Pollution and Pollen. We supply a variety of window and door screens which are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and offices. When fitted, these screens help you combat the effects of conditions such as Hay-fever and Asthma.

About Pollution Screens

Our pollution screens are fitted with Respilon Window Membrane. Respilon’s roots lie in the development of masks, filters and respiration aids which protect against a wide range of contaminants including diesel particulates, smog, fine dust and many other airborne particles. Streme have combined with Respilon to offer you window and door screens which help to keep the air that you breath cleaner and healthier. Nanofiber Technical Data Sheet


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Pollution Screens

About Pollen Screens

If you suffer from hay-fever or other pollen related allergies why not try a Pollen Screen? Our screens are fitted with a tried and tested pollen mesh, designed to filter a variety of grass, crop, flower and tree pollen. The fine mesh also filters dust and keeps insects out, giving the added benefit of a fly free environment! We offer a variety of Window and Door Screens for the home or business. Pollen Mesh Certification

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Pollen Screens
Pollen Screens
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Streme offer a wide range of window and door screens to suit Homes and Businesses. Our range includes Fly Screens, Pet Screens, Pollen Screens, Pollution Screens and Sun Control products. Screens are available as DIY Kits or Made to Measure and we offer a fitting service as well. We also stock every kind of insect mesh including Fibreglass, Aluminium and Stainless Steel and a selection of specialist mesh products including Pollen, Pollution, Sun Control & Stainless-Steel mesh.

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