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Summer And The Problem With Wasps

Streme’s mesh screens are able to filter out pollen and flies and they can double up as a practical way to keep wasps out too.

There is nothing worse than competing with a wasp for your dinner. And in Britain, Vespula vulgaris, otherwise known as the common wasp, is not only a nuisance but can be a real danger for those who are allergic to their stings.

Our fear of wasps is down to their painful sting, but contrary to popular belief, not all wasps do sting. It is only the female who has the ability to inject venom, although sometimes male wasps will act like they are going to sting out of instinct. It is quite difficult to tell male and female wasps apart with the naked eye, but females are generally larger.

Wasps which are most commonly seen in UK homes and gardens lay their eggs in nests which are built out of wood pulp and fibres. They frequently build them in sheltered areas like attics, under the eaves of buildings and in trees.

Warm conditions mean better survival rates for the insects on which wasps feed their offspring (larvae), like caterpillars, aphids and grasshoppers. Breeding conditions for wasps are also improved by good weather. This combination of more food and a greater chance of survival for young wasps mean a warm spring and summer will see a growth in the wasp population.

Around April the queen wasp, helped by her workers, will begin building a nest where her larvae will grow and eventually hatch.

As summer progresses, wasps turn their attention to carbohydrates and sweet foods. They love fallen fruits, sugary drinks and cakes – now is the time to be vigilant! At this stage, there tend to be more wasps about, and as a result, more recorded stings. From August onwards wasps don’t have a great deal to do as their larvae have grown and their nests have begun to break down. Wasps are still around in September so it pays to be cautious even at this stage of the year.

Unfortunately, wasps like to come inside our homes through open windows and doors. Just because they have come into our house, it doesn’t make them any less likely to sting us. Being stung can be a painful experience and the discomfort can last several days after the sting. However, some people are afraid of wasps because they know a sting will trigger an allergic reaction.

A screen across a window or door can help keep out wasps as well as other flying insects. If your family is vulnerable, perhaps you have babies or young children, then something which lets the cool air in while keeping stinging insects out can give you peace of mind during the summer season.

Streme’s mesh insect screens are able to keep out flies and they can double up as a practical way to keep wasps out too.

While it is always advisable to contact a pest control expert if you suspect a wasp nest, a screen can prevent wasps from entering in the first place, and also act as a defence to stop the problem worsening.

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