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How to Measure - HD framed window screens - Kit

How to measure:

For this kit please measure the height and width as per the diagrams below. These measurements relate to the “open space” i.e. the space created once the window is open.

As long as the width and height of your window opening are within the measurements specified for a kit, it will fit your window e.g. if the width of your window opening is 800mm and the height is 1450mm then the kit up to 990mm x 1490mm is the kit you require.

Please note these width and height sizes are interchangeable.

Things to consider when measuring:

  1. The screen frame is 39mm wide and is designed to be placed directly onto your window frame. The lift off hinge and turn button fixings sit to the side or top of the screen and will require additional space - 16mm for the hinge and 10mm for the turn button. So, for example, on one side of your window frame you would require 39mm for the frame + 16mm for the hinge (a total of 55mm) and on the opposing side 39mm for the frame + 10mm for the turn button (a total of 49mm). If you are limited for space the size of the screen can be reduced by as much as 30mm as you only need a partial overlap of the screen frame with your window frame to ensure a seal.
  2. The magnetic fixing is narrower than the width of the screen frame so no additional space is required with this method but it will require 22mm width of frame behind the screen profile for the magnetic strip to adhere to your window frame.

If you are at all unsure and would like some additional help please contact us, we are always happy to help.

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