How to measure - single pleated door screens

How to Measure

This screen can be fitted in 2 ways. For each method of fixing we will show you:

  • a how to measure drawing

Reveal fitted

We advise taking 3 measurements for both width (top, middle & bottom) and height (left, middle & right) to allow for any variations. In each case use the smallest measurements for your final width and height. We will make your screen to these sizes.

Enter these measurements into the boxes to confirm your price. Your screen will be cut, so that when fitted the overall screen size will match your dimensions.

Please note:

This screen system will accommodate small variances of width from top to bottom and height from left to right.  If these variances exceed 10mm you may need to ‘pack’ out to ensure the variances fall within the 10mm limitations.  Please call if you need advice with this.

Face fitted

How to measure

The mesh casing is fitted to the side door frame (usually positioned on the side the door is hinged). The width of the mesh casing is 40mm.  The closing channel, also 40mm wide, is fitted directly to the door frame.on the opposite side of the door to the cassette.

We will make your screen with the maximum outer dimensions to be the measurements provided..

Free Screening Guide

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