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Which mesh & fixings - patio/single sliding screen

Which mesh do I need ?

We offer two types of mesh with this screen. Your choice will depend on which insects you wish to keep out.

BetterVue insect mesh - 18 x 18 holes per square inch

Examples of insects this mesh will keep out: Bees & Wasps, Bluebottles, Cluster Flies, Crane Flies, Daddy-Long-Legs, House Flies, Hornets, Ladybirds, Mosquitoes, Moths, Butterflies and Spiders.

    BetterVue insect mesh is designed and manufactured to ensure maximum visibility (through the screen) ensuring as much light passes into the room as possible.

    We recommend this mesh for all areas of the UK except in parts of Scotland where Midges are present and other parts of the UK where Corn Flies and Thunder Bugs/Thrips are present.

    Midge mesh - 30 x 20 holes per square inch

    This mesh will keep out: The same as Standard insect mesh + smaller insects such as Midges,

    Midge mesh has a tighter weave than Standard insect mesh to ensure Midges, cannot penetrate, however, the visibility and airflow is reduced slightly.

    We recommend this mesh in parts of Scotland where Midges are present and other parts of the UK where potentially smaller insects can be found.

    if you are specifically looking to keep out Corn Flies and Thunder Bugs/Thrips please contact us as this requires a tight weave specialist mesh.

    Please note - genuine Midge mesh is 30 x 20 - anything less e.g. 20 x 20 or 18 x 16 will not keep midges out.

    Fixing Types

    This screen is designed to be fitted against the framework of your door on the same side as your fixed pane (be that internal or external). The screen requires a continuous flat surface around the door frame to allow it to slide freely. If the surface is not flat, or your door handle protrudes past the surrounding framework causing an obstruction, you may need to build up to a level surface or create a sub-frame to mount the screen. You can use wooden batten or upvc lengths to do this. If you need advice about this please call us.

    Face Fitting:

    This option includes the Z tracks required to fit the screen directly onto the door frame.

    Reveal Fitting:

    This option includes the U track (to the bottom) and L track (to the top) required to fit the screen onto the floor and upper reveal. Please note, these tracks need to be positioned so that the sliding panel of the screen creates the seal against your door frame.

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