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This is where you can see what’s coming up in terms of new products, new services, etc.This refreshed version of our website (May 2017) gives us the chance to present our products to you in a better way. Any comments on the new site and its functionality are gratefully received.


Respilon Window Membrane

The first piece of exciting news is that we have partnered with a company called Respilon, as sole UK agents, to bring you a screening solution to improve the air quality in your home or business.

Air quality is an ever-increasing challenge, especially in built up/industrial areas.  Alternatively, in rural areas, pollen, dust and other airborne contaminants can be a problem.  We have been providing pollen mesh for many years but it is not fine enough to keep out such things as potentially carcinogenic diesel fumes.  Respilon’s window membrane protects against pollution, smog, allergens, smoke and dust.

Respilon’s technicians have been pioneering products for respiration protection since 2006 with the current company having been formed in 2013.  Now, the same patented technology that is used in their masks and filters can be incorporated into Streme’s window and door screens.

You can see more about the clean air screen solutions we can provide on our website – or have a look at Respilon’s own site to see more of the technical information about this unique nanofiber product –

Bring style and simplicity to your home / offices with motorised screens from Pronema

As sole UK dealers for the Italian screen company, Pronema, we can now offer roller screens with a new, sleek profile and with matt powder-coat finish, in conjunction with motorised control. Motorised screens can be used with remote controllers for the ultimate in ease of use. This new system to the UK is notable in that the head cassette is very small (46mm x 48mm) so the screens can be discreetly fitted to most interior openings. 

Previously, when considering powered screens versus manually operated screens, it would be necessary to have a substantially larger head box which could look out of place in smaller, interior openings (often being well suited only to outside installations).


Window Film

In addition to other new products which are already featuring on the site, we will shortly be selling a range of window films to provide protection against solar gain, frosted film to offer privacy and also safety/security films. Keep a look-out on our home page for this range of products.


We are the newly appointed sole distributors for a leading Italian manufacturer of flyscreens, Pronema. You can see further details elsewhere on our site. This gives us a great opportunity to supply new products and some slight variations on products that we’ve previously sold. More to follow concerning the Pronema range…