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Butted Double Sliding Fly Screens for Doors

product code: 022.1WBV
£292.00 including VAT

Butted double sliding fly screens, designed to screen french doors with fixed panels on either side.  The butted slider enables both screen doors to open by sliding away to either side of the main doors.  Offering a quick and effective solution to keep out flies, wasps, mosquitos, midges, moths and other unwanted insects.

Supplied as a simple DIY kit, which comes with a full set of instructions and all parts needed to make and fit the finished screens. Each kit makes butted double sliding fly screens for doors with casements up to 3960mm (155 7/8") wide and 2040mm (80 5/16") deep.  Options for frame colour and mesh.

For larger doors, please call us.

Made to measure

The default option for this product is a DIY kit, however we also offer a made to measure service on this product.

If you would like your screen (s) made to measure this is how it works:

  • Choose the frame colour and mesh type as you would do if you were ordering a kit.
  • Choose "made to measure" from the DIY Kit or Made-to-Measure dropdown.
  • The made to measure charge will be added to the price on the page and a delivery charge will be added at checkout.
  • Once you have completed your order we will contact you to confirm the sizes of your screen.
  • When the sizes have been confirmed we will make and despatch your screen to you.
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£292.00 including VAT