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Fly Screen Chain Curtain

product code: 200
£40.00 including VAT

Aluminium chain curtains are designed to be suspended from the top of a door fitted to the face of the door frame or surround) and act as a barrier to prevent flying insects from entering. In some cases, chain curtains are used for window openings so our pricing matrix covers smaller dimensions that might be relevant for such an application.

Suitable for fixing either internally or externally, as anodised aluminium chain links provide excellent resistance to corrosion and rusting.

The pricing depends on the size of the curtain*, and is shown at the top of the page once the width and height have been entered. 

PLEASE ENSURE THE DIMENSIONS ARE ENTERED IN MILLIMETRES (mm) – see help on “How to Measure” and the conversion tool (top right) if required.

Supplied either as:

A Self-Assembly Kit - The header rail is cut to the width required.  Continuous lengths of chain link are provided, along with instructions for assembly.

Pre-Assembled - The chain curtain is supplied pre-assembled to the dimensions provided.

In addition to the standard anodised aluminium (silver), we also have stock of chains in cobalt blue, gunmetal grey, light bronze and green, please call us for pricing.

* For larger curtains or alternative colours please call us.

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£40.00 including VAT