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Respilon Window Membrane - Protection against smog, dust, allergens, spores ...


A breathable membrane which provides:

  • a new level of protection against smog, dust, pollen, moulds, microorganisms and rain
  • the best solution for allergy sufferers - leave windows open without letting in a single harmful particle
  • protection from intense sunshine
  • a reduction in the amount of dust, so less cleaning required

Respilon’s roots lie in the development of masks, filters and respiration aids which protect against a wide range of contaminants. 

Diesel particulates, fine dust and many other airborne particles are believed to be potentially carcinogenic and now, Streme have combined with Respilon to offer you screening solutions for your home or business which can help to keep the air that you breath cleaner and healthier.


Linear metre, 1.4m wide

£59.00 including VAT